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Top Shmoop Essay Topics Great Expectations Guide!

Top Shmoop Essay Topics Great Expectations Guide! The Basic Facts of Shmoop Essay Topics Great Expectations People in demand of case study research should rush to delight in our assistance. You're directed to visit the principal's office immediately. Education scholars are continuously evolving the way that they think about how we learn and what's taught. The difference is in the intellectual capabilities connected with the age of students, in addition to their levels of exposure. Afterwards, you should explain the explanations for which you support that side. Yearly driving tests ought to be mandatory over a particular age. Be specific of what you're discussing in the paper. Journaling is one method to achieve that. Well, grading papers are often quite dull. Think of one thing you're expected to learn in school that you don't think ought to be included in the curriculum. The shortage of superior support sources will end in a decrease grade. For a student in the center school the usual topics are linked to science and history. The role of assigning an essay to middle school students is to make awareness and permit them to develop writing skills. Literature is also regarded as an intriguing portion of the topic. however, it isn't o popular because most students aren't able to fathom the criticality of the exact same. Children watch an excessive amount of television. Write an essay to convince your principal your idea is one that needs to be adopted. Bear in mind that you're searching for an essay topic which addresses the novel. The central subject of the novel is social classes. The subject can be associated with science or literature. Suppose you need a pet, and your parents aren't sure you need to have one. Consider the local evening news program and why you ought to be chosen as the student reporter. Second, talk what you shouldn't do instead of what has to be done. A minumum of one parent should work at home. Some schools in america are requiring that students volunteer for a number of hours each semester to assist on a community issue. People are now overly determined by technology. Every American should learn how to speak English. Students ought to be permitted to pray in school. There are invariably a vast range of opinions on the field of technology, and here are our favourite things to consider on this issue. Once you co mprehend the kind of essay, it's time to choose a topic. When you choose a topic, you must reply to the query and substantiate your response with three or more motivations as to why you think like that. So make certain you select a subject, which has values in it. The absolute most important part is your wisdom and understanding. There are some fundamental rules when you're thinking of deciding on the subject. The ability to give information in various contexts is critical to effective communication. You should have accessibility to proper resources that will enable you to compose the essay with good sense and structure. Argumentative essay is about arguing and debating on a subject, which is debatable. Cigarettes need to be more expensive. Kids should have the ability to vote. The teachers don't always assign the specific topic. Choose something you're ready to discuss or describe and something which will present your good qualities to your teacher. Remember which you want to reveal the best about yourself. Our life is about words. There are lots of things to argue when it regards the law.

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Biography of John Lee Love, Black Inventor

John Lee Love (Sept. 26, 1889?–Dec. 26, 1931) was a black inventor who developed the portable pencil sharpener, which he patented in 1897. Not much is known about his life, but he is remembered for two inventions, the other being a plasterers hawk, which works much like an artists palette for a plasterer or mason. In the pantheon of African-American inventors, Love is remembered for devising small things to make life easier. Fast Facts: John Lee Love Known For: Inventor of the Love pencil sharpenerBorn: Sept. 26, 1889? in Fall River, MassachusettsDied: Dec. 26, 1931 Charlotte, North Carolina Early Life John Lee Love is believed to have been born on Sept. 26, 1889, though another account lists his birth year as sometime between 1865 and 1877 during Reconstruction, which would have put his place of birth in the South. Not much else is known about Loves early days, including whether he had any formal schooling or what prompted him to tinker with and improve certain everyday objects. We do know that he worked almost his entire life as a carpenter in Fall River, Massachusetts and that he patented his first invention, an improved plasterers hawk, on July 9, 1895 (U.S. Patent No. 542,419). First Invention The plasterers hawk traditionally had been a flat, square wooden board, about 9 inches long on each side, with a handle—basically, a post-like grip—that is perpendicular to the board and attached to its bottom. By putting the plaster, mortar, or, later, stucco on top of the board, the plasterer or mason could access it quickly and easily with the tool being used to apply it. The new design functioned much like an artists palette. As a carpenter, Love was likely well acquainted with the use of plaster and mortar. He believed that the hawks in use at the time were too bulky to be portable. His innovation was to design a hawk with a detachable handle and a foldable board made of aluminum, which must have been a lot easier to clean than wood. Portable Pencil Sharpener Another of Loves inventions, and one better known than the plasterers hawk, had a much wider impact. It was the simple, portable pencil sharpener, the predecessor of the small plastic device that has been used by schoolchildren, teachers, college students, engineers, accountants, and artists the world over. Prior to the invention of the pencil sharpener, a knife was the most common instrument used to sharpen pencils, which have been around in one form or another since Roman times (although pencils werent mass-produced in a form familiar to us until 1662 in  Nuremberg, Germany). But whittling a point on a pencil was a time-consuming process, and pencils were becoming more and more popular. The solution soon hit the market in the form of the worlds first mechanical pencil sharpener, invented by  Parisian mathematician Bernard Lassimone  on Oct. 20, 1828 (French patent number 2444). Loves reworking of Lassimones device seems intuitive now, but it was revolutionary at the time. Basically, the new model was portable and included a compartment to capture the shavings. The Massachusetts carpenter  applied for a patent for what he called his improved device  in 1897, and it was approved  on Nov. 23, 1897 (U.S. Patent No. 594,114). His design didnt look much like todays portable sharpeners, but it worked by a similar principle. The pencil was inserted into a conical sheath and was moved in a circle, causing the sheath and the blade inside it to rotate around the pencil, sharpening it. Instead of turning the pencil against the blade, as with todays portable sharpeners, the blade was turned against the pencil by the circular motion. Love wrote in his patent application that his sharpener could  also be designed in a more ornate fashion to be used as a desk ornament or paperweight. It eventually became known as the Love Sharpener, and his principle has been in continuous use since he introduced it. Legacy We dont know how many more inventions Love could have given the world. Love  died, along with nine other passengers, on Dec. 26, 1931,  when the car they were riding in collided with a train near Charlotte, North Carolina. But his ideas left the world a more efficient place. Sources John Lee Love  Biography: Inventor. Biography.com.John Lee Love: Inventor of the Portable Pencil Sharpener. KentagePage.com.Pencil Patents: John Lee Love’s Portable Pencil Sharpener. Pencils.com.

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The Impact Of Green Supply Chain Management On Industry,...

Green Supply Chain Management In Automotive Production Stephanie C. Soutier College of Charleston Abstract This paper investigates the impact of green supply chain management on industry, consumer perception and environment. Through research into multiple companies and case studies, a distorted perception among large corporations shows a historic struggle to find a balance between profit and sustainability. However, the potential long-term effects of the lack of environmental courtesy cannot be undone and therefore must be carefully engineered. Multi-billion dollar automotive corporations such as Hyundai and Toyota will be discussed and studied in depth to conclude the innovative changes†¦show more content†¦Keywords: green supply chain, automotive sustainability, global impact Green Supply Chain Management In Efficient Business Practices The automotive industry changed the way that Americans purchased products when cars became an affordable luxury in the early 19th century. Not only did cars drastically reduce travel in daily life, they provided a gateway of possibilities for expanding business beyond carriage or foot travel. Due to the mass production assembly line strategy implemented by Henry Ford, cars could be produced quickly and efficiently. This dramatic shift in production dropped prices to the affordable level for the average American, which led to the establishment of buying on credit. The automotive industry provides economic growth and convenience in America and throughout the world – but this amenity comes at a great price to the environment. Throughout the entire life cycle of an automobile, carbon emissions and waste are produced. Although most believe that automobiles creates only carbon emissions when in use, the process begins negatively contributing to the environment long before and long after the life of the car. Additionally, the understanding and research related to carbon emissions from the use of gasoline-powered cars has provided consumers with an awareness of their effect on the environment. For some, this realization has prompted conservatory measures in vehicle use, utilizing public

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Psychological Basis Of Personality Deve - 1895 Words

Psychological Basis of Personality Development Human beings are the most immature at birth and have the longest period of development before they become capable of all the activities and skill of an adult. Adult behavior and personality characteristics are influenced by events that occur during the early years of life, until maturity. It is a product of continuous interaction between heredity, environment, and experience, or time. The biological predispositions present at birth interact with the experiences encountered in the course of growing up. The question of whether heredity or environment is more important in shaping the personality of a human being has long been a topic of debate. It seems that both are inseparable. Human†¦show more content†¦Soviet Development Theory While Vygotsky developed his own developmental theory based on mental processes, a theory described by Vygotsky and Elkonin based on the individual’s activity also emerged. An activity is a â€Å"person’s goal-oriented genuinely industrious interaction with the world, with the product of this activity becoming transformed in the structure of the individual’s intellect† (Thomas 1985). In the child’s interaction with others, he uses language that influences psychic structures which in turn influences his interaction with others. Moral Development Morality, the concept of appropriate conduct or behavior is inherent in any society. Its development among the citizens therefore is the concern of all sectors. Two theories of moral development have evolved that of Jean Piaget and Lawrence Kohlberg. Structure of Personality ID, EGO and Superego Freud Structure Of personality includes the id, Ego and Superego. ID Which is also called the principle; is present at birth. So it is inborn and includes everything that is inherited and the instincts (life and death). The ID is concerned with needs fulfillment. And called the pleasure principle, it is pleasure-seeking and avoids pain. Libido is based on the instinct and its release lends to pleasure on the part of the child. In Adulthood, the ID may be seen in impulsive, pleasure-seeking and selfish behaviors. EGO Frued (Thomas, 1985) defined ago asShow MoreRelatedExploring Corporate Strategy - Case164366 Words   |  658 Pagesproblems or difï ¬ culties identiï ¬ ed in the case. There are also over 33 classic cases on the Companion Website. These are a selection of cases from recent editions of the book which remain relevant for teaching. The case studies are intended to serve as a basis for class discussion and not as an illustration of either good or bad management practice. They are not intended to be a comprehensive collection of teaching material. They have been chosen (or speciï ¬ cally written) to provide readers with a core of

The Electronic Medical Record System - 1454 Words

The following challenges were encountered during the project: ïÆ'Ëœ There is lack of economic information related to establishing, implementing and sustaining the discharge navigation program. It was very difficult to get the project financed. Initially it was difficult to obtain top leadership support for the financing of the program. ïÆ'Ëœ There is lack of communication and lack of prompt medical treatment exchange between the outpatient and inpatient provider inhibits providers from delivering highest quality care and prevents patients from making subsequent follow up visits. Because of the different electronic medical record system used between the hospitals and CDCR it is very difficult to exchange the health information and keep the PCP updated about the patient’s health. Working with hospitals to see if we can add few of our EMR stations there which can be accessed by any provider to update our patients EMR. It is also very critical to protect patient health information and be HIPAA compliant. ïÆ'Ëœ It is difficult to engage providers and patients at each point along the care of the patient. Patients are not educated enough to understand what is best for them and find it very difficult to navigate the health system because of issues like language barriers or cultural beliefs or even transportation. Providers need to be more culturally competent and be sensitive towards patient’s beliefs and respect their culture. Our Mextico patients can be challenging when they seek care atShow MoreRelatedThe Electronic Medical Record System1550 Words   |  7 Pagesdifficult to obtain top leadership support for the financing of the program. ïÆ'Ëœ There is a lack of communication and lack of prompt medical treatment exchange between the outpatient and inpatient provider inhibits providers from delivering highest quality care and prevents patients from making subsequent follow up visits. Because of the different electronic medical record system used between the hospitals and CDCR it is very difficult to exchange the health information and keep the PCP updated about theRead MoreProposal For Electronic Medical Record System2679 Words   |  11 PagesProposal for Electronic Medical Record System EMR for Blackbird Medical Group Executive Summary Electronic medical record (EMR) adoption rates have been slower than expected in the United States, especially in comparison to other industry sectors and other developed countries. A key reason, aside from initial costs and lost productivity during EMR implementation, is lack of efficiency and usability of EMRs currently available. Achieving the healthcare reform goals of broad EMR adoption and â€Å"meaningfulRead MoreElectronic Medical Records Systems Essay1270 Words   |  6 PagesElectronic Medical Records systems lie at the center of any computerized health information system, without them other modern technologies, such as decision support systems cannot be effectively integrated into routine clinical workflow. The paperless, inter-operable, multi-provider, multi-specialty, multi-discipline computer medical record, which has been a goal for many researchers, healthcare professionals, administrators, and politicians for the past 20+ years is however about to become a realityR ead MoreElectronic Medical Record ( Emr ) System2971 Words   |  12 Pagesremember, paper based medical records have been the way to go. Sadly if changes had to be made to the files then the files would need to be physically taken out of storage and then returned after. More times than not patients will have more than one health care provider and in this case, the patient files are not necessarily being successfully shared among them due to the fact that the files are tangible. Fortunately the implementation of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system is the answer to increasingRead MoreElectronic Medical Record System ( Emr ) And Online Appointment System1486 Words   |  6 PagesPrivatePractice is a fully functional web system aiming to help the hospital management more effective which commissioned by Irvine General. The system contain two different sub-system, electronic medical record system(EMR) and online appointment system. The EMR can only be accessed by the people working in the hospital with the required patient information using the computer inside the hospital running on the local network environment. The appointments system is a web-based system which can be accessed by theRead MoreThe Electronic Medical Record System and Computerizing Health Records in Five Years 1912 Words   |  8 Pagesfirst encountering a practice using an Electronic Medical Record system. Prior to that experience, I’ve always went to health clinics that had health records on paper. When the physician I was shadowing was on her laptop, I asked what software she was using. She responded, â€Å"It’s an EMR system. It basically has all our patient’s records, we can easily send prescriptions to pharmacies, can see when our patients arrive, and much more!† I was surprised of the EMR system because I have never heard of it beforeRead MoreThe Importance of Electronic Medical Records in Computerized Health Information System917 Words   |  4 PagesIntr oduction Electronic medical records are the core element in computerized health information system. These systems are constructed with a staggering ability to provide integrated, articulated information. At the center of these systems rest electronic medical records. The strength of these articulated medical records systems is their ability to integrate information from specialists, disciplines, providers, and operators (Coiera, 2003). From fragmented, incomplete paper-based systems that are oftenRead MoreHealthcare Information Systems ( Pms ) And Electronic Medical Records ( Emr )874 Words   |  4 Pagescourse of time, a patient’s healthcare information is progressively accumulated, therefore is a high need of a systematic system that can efficiently store as well as retrieve all that medical information when in need. Two healthcare information systems that provide such an electronic medium for patient care are: practice management systems (PMS) and electronic medical records (EMR) . Despite the potential benefits, the implementation of these processes impose some challenges, for instance in the caseRead MoreElectronic Medical Record Systems : Supporting Better Health Through Technology1714 Words   |  7 PagesElectronic Medical Record Systems: Supporting Better Health through Technology For years people have gone into their doctor’s office and seen the same process every time. You get weighed, your blood pressure is taken, your temperature is taken, and an update to your medical history is recorded. All within a paper chart. And if you have ever gone with someone to their visit that has been with the same physician for five or more years, that paper chart begins to look a lot like a think paperbackRead MoreIntegrating Electronic Medical Records ( Emr ) With A Healthcare Management Information System1056 Words   |  5 PagesIntegrating Medical Records Brad Insco HCM450 – Healthcare Information Systems Colorado State University – Global Campus Ms. Sims October 26, 2014 â€Æ' Integrating Medical Records Integrating electronic medical records (EMR) with a healthcare management information system (HMIS) is a significant benefit to any organization. Pay-for-performance is the future of the healthcare market and stimulates changes in practices. Financial and human resources costs are also very high (Rand, 2009). There

The Crucible vs. Japanese Internment free essay sample

Fear can cause people to not think straight and over react in serious situations. In The Crucible, fear caused Tituba and Abigail to blame innocent people for consorting with the devil in order to save themselves. This action later evolved into the whole town being fearful of the devil being in their presence. Likewise, after the attack on Pearl Harbor many U. S. citizens feared another attack causing distrust of Japanese Americans throughout the country. In both of these situations, fearing for ones safety was one of the factors leading to mass hysteria. Just like fear, intimidation was another reason for hysteria to spread through masses of people. In both cases, intimidation was used to force powerful leaders to comply with the wishes of the masses. With suspicion of Japanese Americans rising throughout the United States, many citizens wanted the Japanese people gone. Pressures from state representatives eventually cause President Roosevelt to call for the exclusion and internment of all Japanese citizens from the West Coast. We will write a custom essay sample on The Crucible vs. Japanese Internment or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In the Crucible, when Judge Danforth would question Abigail of telling the truth Abigail would intimidate him by accusing him of working with Satan. This caused the judge to listen to whatever Abigail said. Both of these cases show that no matter how large or small the group of people, intimidation can cause even powerful leaders to go along with the hysteria. After all the turmoil the townspeople of Salem and the Japanese people dealt with, the people in power came to realize how the situations were getting out of hand. Once things started to calm down in the U. S. and people saw how poorly the Japanese Americans were treated, they were released form the camps in 1945. AS a way to make amends, Congress gave the Japanese a little money to help pay to get their land back. In the Crucible, many of the leaders started to see that the hangings were getting out of control and the hysteria was escalating. In an effort to stop it, they tried to get people to confess to witchcraft to put the whole thing to an end. Regret and progression of hysteria were able to put both problems to an end. The Salem Witch Trials and Japanese internment were both tragic events cause by mass hysteria. When fear and intimidation of the masses is forced upon leaders it can cause them to make rash and bad decisions. When decisions based on hysteria are made they end up being regretted and to be stopped. The Salem Witch Trials and Japanese American Internment both show how hysteria can bring out the worst in a person, a community, and a country.

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Financial Success in America free essay sample

Attaining financial success in America is not easy; it is a struggle that many Americans hope to achieve one day. There can be certain setbacks for some individuals who hope to achieve this position, but are held back possibly due to their race or class. Although it is said that everyone has equal individual opportunity in America, this is not so true for some factors we cannot control. Being born into a specific household that may be upper class or lower class is something beyond our intro, yet controls us as we continue to strive. Furthermore, it is interesting how we cannot tell the class that one is in Just by looking at their appearance, since people in America do not dress less fancy if they fall in a lower class. What I had not realized before is that the lower class has it much harder than I had previously thought, especially because minimum wage does not cut it for most of us. We will write a custom essay sample on Financial Success in America or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Even though a person can be fully employed at a place that earns minimum wage, it is still very difficult to get by, especially if you have a whole family to feed. Minimum wage makes it difficult for even one person to live off, let alone a whole family. Bills add up fast, and this puts many people in a situation in which they lose hope. For a waiter or waitress to succeed would be very difficult, especially since minimum wage is Just not enough for people to meet their needs. It is being increasingly common for employers to lower the hours for their workers, and in order for one to succeed in a position like this is close to impossible. I believe that if many of these underpaid, minimum wage workers cannot afford food sometimes, and would rather skip a meal than spend money of a meal, they are considered to be in poverty. Yet, it is amazing how they are still not classified as being in poverty. This makes me wonder of what the government actually thinks what poverty is, maybe skipping two meals instead of one? Class, race, age, and many other factors put certain people at a disadvantage, and although it may be harder for these people to attain monetary success, I think anything is possible with determination.